The level of skill, quality and attention to details is what you can expect from an accredited floral designer and Kim Nelson and her team deliver this every time. Kim is an award winning designer with over 30 years of training and experience. 

We offer a special service to our brides, they preview the actual flowers the day before the wedding

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Tips for cost saving-

Bouquets with mostly greenery or baby's breath or hydrangea will give a larger bouquet and save money. 

We work with your budget so their is never a reason to not be able to afford a quality trained florist. 

General Prices for weddings 

 Brides bouquet

  • Small size $50-75 
  • Medium- Marge ( Average)  $90- 140-Most common size
  • Large size $160 & up 
  • Petite Size $25-35
  • Small $40-45
  • Medium $50 & 65( most common size)
  • Large size $75 & up

Boutonnières for men

  • Basic-$8 
  • Average $10-$15

  • Corsages
  • Basic single flower $12 & up
  • Premium flowers with multi flowers- more time consuming details $20 & up
  • Mothers hand tied bouquets start at $15

Flower crowns for flower girl

  • Flower crown with babys breath $30-45
  • Flower crown with mixed flowers $45 & up

Ceremony Decor for Altar 

  • Average size but elegant will start at $150 each (however less can be done) 
  • Large and full size $250 & up 
  • Modern with minimal flowers with more branches start at $75
  • Gorgeous wrought iron candelabras with candles- Rental is $60 each  

Aisle Décor

  • Aisle flowers starting at $12 with greenery
  • Modest size $20 & up
  • Medium full arrangement with more details or mixed flower balls $50 & up
  • 5 ft tall hurricane glass globe aisle stands, wrought iron stand  $20 includes candle (8 available)

Reception tables

  • Simple or Petite or modern $10-20 Usually with baby's breath, candles or lanterns
  • Modest vase style $20-40
  • Medium size full with mixed flowers $50-75
  • Large starting range $95 & up for low and tall
  • Lush and fullest with tall stands $200 & up (Show stoppers)
  • Check our website to see samples with prices Click Here

Cake flowers

  • Modest and simple $6-30
  • Medium amount $50-75
  • Fuller amount $95 & up

Delivery and set up will be added plus sales tax and pick up fees apply if rental are provided.

Why book with Bloomwoods Flowers. We offer something no florist offers. Our brides preview the actual wedding flowers the morning before the wedding. Its a wonderful relief to know the flowers are what you envisioned. 

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